Tracking-Point Smart Technology 

Precision Guided Semi-Auto 5.56

Smart rifle


The future of shooting. Smart weapons with technology that allows for a novice to hit targets at long ranges with little to no skill.

Advancing Training, hunting and combat

Technology that links to your wearables.

Shot glass!

The app is on Recon Jet.

Enables the wearer to shoot around corners due to the connectivity of the device and softwear  on board the weapon. (Google glass)

Record your hunt, video and voice recording.

Collaborative shooting and mentoring. Increased situational awareness, share via your smart phone and social media


The way technology keeps advancing I wonder if human skill level can keep up. Either way I love pure skill and with the added technology to  pure skill makes for a powerful combination.

Please visit Their site for more detailed information
Happy Evolution Gunners!

From FMG Cheers

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