FMG Revolver Life!

FMG’S range experience with the Tarus 627 Magnum 7 shot!

Also introduction to one of  the FMG family Nate Fields

Now in the video there are a couple muzzle sweeps and that is not proper etiquette while handling a firearm locked or unlocked loaded or unloaded. We are getting better at our etiquette.

The gun features a seven round cylinder, “Ribbed Rubber” grips that fit my average size hands well, an adjustable rear sight, and a red ramp front sight. The gun has a beautiful profile and a matte stainless steel finish.

  •  The Judge
  •  The Tracker
  • The Raging Bull

This model is capable of Shooting two different caliber rounds.

  1. 38mm round
  2. 357 magnum round

On to the range to enjoy the sweet sound of doom doom doom lol!

Nate demonstrates the proper form and control needed to shoot the 38mm rounds. The 38mm round is more accurate in its grouping control through the weapon. Although it’s not the 357 magnum round it packs a punch.

In this next clip 

Nate is firing the infamous 357 magnum round. Every time I think of the 357 magnum I have Dirty Harry flashbacks “You feeling lucky punk?” Lol

The Tarus 627 has a very comfortable grip which helps my wrist with the recoil. The sound of the shots are reminiscent of old-school Canon fire. This gun has a certain kind of vibe. The kind that makes you feel sheer power coursing through your body with each trigger pull. To sum it all up the Tarus 627 means business. It makes for a reliable services weapon in the field of security, law enforcement and personal / home defense.

We will feature more with revolvers and shooting techniques in future post.

Until then Stay safe and ever ready cheers!


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