Say Hello to my…

I bet you thought I was gonna say “my little friend” didn’t you! Well say hello to my friend Tina. Tina had a desire to learn more about guns and gun ownership so We took her under our arms here at FMG.

Tina was very serious as she asked us about  taking her to the range and giving her, her first experience with a firearm. Her trust in us to show her the ropes sparked a desire to help others to become confident and competent in weapon handling. We are on the path to becoming certified weapons trainers, but as of right now we are hobbyist.

Our vision is to make Full Metal Gunners a well known brand. Respected in the arena of firearms and weapons education and safety.

Tina is enrolled in training class already and well on her way to getting her HQL (handgun qualification license).  We at FMG want to say thank you for allowing us to give you your first experience with a firearm, gun etiquette and safety.

This won’t be the last you hear from Tina! Stay tuned……



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