Gun control, the issue!

First of all you learn “gun control” at a gun range. Please use those words in the proper context. Treat guns the way they should be treated as a tool. A hammer for instance can build and destroy it depends on the user for its use.  People please stand up for your rights that were given to you by God not by man.  
Taking guns away from law abiding citizens won’t disarm criminals. It will empower them, if you would like to ruin America and cause massive crime……take away the rights to bear arms.

We here at FMG believe that if you are familiar with Guns and have a proper range experience you would then have a healthy respect for them and know how to use them safely.
   The purpose of bearing arms are multiple

1. For home protection =against intruders and invaders included governments

2.For hunting =to find food and provide for your family

   3. For Sport = competing in the fine art of marksmanship.
  4. Collecting = Some Guns hold historical value and are very rare finds.

5.Preventing and deterring crimes= The very presence of Guns make criminals think twice.

6.Emergency preparedness= Having a gun for emergencies is always a plus!

7. And just because they are so darn cool!

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