FMG at the Range Labor Day Weekend!

Hey fellow shooters, FMG spent the day at The Freestate Range Labor Day weekend!

[wpvideo FryEZS7g]
We’ll see you inside!


Time to send some bullets down range!

Today we are shooting my 9mm. Glock 26. It has a pretty snappy recoil but all and all its a really great gun and fun to shoot.

[wpvideo QtoTkVN6]

[wpvideo TSgRoXND]

Here are a few with TJ! 

In our quest for improvement in handling which is true “gun control”. Today was purely a stress free day, making the best of our time together.

We had fun being safe and enjoying the joys of shooting!

Bonus to our trip to the range. They had a Labor Day sale! Yes friends FMG purchased lower receivers for our AR-15’s!

[wpvideo WcfH45LB]

 Today was a good day!


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