Defend YOUR 2nd Amendment RIGHTS.

You have what they call “inalienable rights”.  Theses rights are rights given to you by God not by man.  So in a climate of violence, mistrust, racism and deception. We run through the gambit of emotions that cause us to react to life in purely emotional ways and not with our full AWARENESS. We must STOP and THINK and then RESPOND to life with full AWARENESS. Doing this will allow you to see where you are




Thinking with these three understandings in place addresses the whole person. And when YOU RESPOND, you will with AWARENESS.

You may think why address only self and not the people as a whole. Well addressing self is addressing the people. Awareness is something that has to be experienced on a personal level and it takes time.

We here at Full Metal Gunners (FMG) believe in the total experience of the individual. Through education safety and practice. We want you to gain experience through having safe personal and educational exposure to weapons and guns at your local gun range. This will help us to see guns in a clear way.

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