Bullets and Sushi Social!… Night out with the ladies

FMG is spending quality time with our love ones with a night out at the range!


My wife is a pretty good shot! We believe that your spouse should be comfortable with the use of weapons. To safely know how to operate a weapon increases the over all safety of the home.

So we came up with The Bullets and Sushi Social!!! 🍱🍣🍥🍶 spending time with your love ones doing something new exciting and learn with FMG how to be safe with weapons and have fun talking about your experience!

We love our wives, we love our guns and our social time with friends! My brother Nate and his wife Nashoni introduced us to this beautiful Japanese steakhouse called Kabuto’s This was a wonderful night of fun and delicious sushi!Drinks!!

We must do this again!!!

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